Windows 10 THUMBS UP!


I usually don’t blog too much anymore; I leave it to my staff. I did have to come out of semi-retirement to let everyone know that I am OFFICIALLY BLESSING WINDOWS 10. I usually am suspect with any Microsoft upgraded OS, but it looks like they got Windows 10 right. The browser (Edge) is light years faster than Explorer, Microsoft provided the best of both worlds with users who were pleased with the Windows 7 interface and those happy with Windows 8 should bother be happy. If you are running any application specific software, first check that your software will work with Windows 10. Also back-up your data prior to accepting the upgrade. If your printer doesn’t work after the upgrade, uninstall the printer software from CONTROL PANEL / PROGRAMS and then re-install the printer from scratch. Overall Windows 10 gets 2 THUMBS UP!

by Ken

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