Modman Commentary

Can anyone tell me why people are so excited about Ipads?  Did you ever try typing on one?  Good luck!  MODMAN QUESTIONS: Tell me who ended up paying the ransome for those two hikers?  Or was that included in Obama’s new stimulus package?  Who thinks the Phillies are going to tank in this year’s playoffs?  Will Michael Vick get his bell rung by the Giants and be out for the next four weeks?  Who will end up in the baseball playoffs?  Will the NBA still be out on strike?  Does anyone care?  Does anyone in Washington really have a clue?  The Tea Party had the right idea but the wrong format.  There should be a COMMON SENSE party that encorporates some idealogy from both parties into their platform.  I think it used to be called MODERATE.  MODMAN FUNNY: A car is useless in New York and essential every where else.  The same with good manners.

by Ken

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