Busy this week. People want their notebooks. Had a guy come in today that wanted my to help him understand why his $10 toners he purchased on the Internet did not work. I had a PC Help Desk customer waiting for help so finally I had to cut him off and he wasn’t happy. Typical Internet buyer. Sometimes you do get what you pay for.

Had a guy want to sell a dozen computers WITHOUT hard drives and hard drive mounting brackets and he was complaining about the price I gave him. I told him he was free to order the adapters, get hard drives, get the DBI video adapters and perform a Windows 7 load which may take up to 2 days to a week and maybe not even get all the updates and sell them himself. He left them for sale.

Busy day today. Dogs were in because no one was home to watch them Got a call from their union.

Had a guy come in that wanted me to look at his computer and give him a free diagnosis on an All-in-one that he had partially open I showed him our maintenance program and told him under that we would or if he purchased it here we would look at it otherwise he’d have to check it in and pay our diagnostic fee. He wasn’t happy. I don’t get people sometimes. I’d be embarrassed to do something like that.

Papa John’s needs to get their act together. This is the 2nd time this week their promo codes didn’t work and that’s after mailing me the coupons. And Domino’s – it’s like pulling teeth just to look at a menu. What is it with Pizza Places?

Actually snowed today and freezing. We have a new person plowing the lot. Paul did it for 25 years. And it’s going to be over 60 degrees by Thursday. Go figure.

Had a guy that wanted to go back from Windows 10 to Windows 7 because his Serato music software wasn’t working. The malware on the computer had a lot to do with it. As much as I love Windows 7, DO NOT GO BACK. Windows 10 is GOOD IF setup properly