Our product offering includes new, 1 year refurbished, off-lease and used.


Our new products are one year manufacturer warranted. All new products include anti-virus, spyware removal and word-processing software.  Windows 7 notebooks include a Recovery Image that allows you to reset your operating system in the event of a software problem.  Other big box stores charge $100 for their prep service.  Our prep service is FREE on every new system.


We specialize in manufacturer refurbished notebooks and desktops.  Manufacturer reconditioned means that for some reason the manufacturer cannot promote the equipment as new.  It could have been an open box product, returned by a customer or broken and fixed by the manufacturer. Manufacturer Refurbished are less expensive than new however they are also warranted by the manufacturer.  Our manufacturer warranted Dell notebooks and desktops have the same Dell warranty coverage as their new products.


This is equipment that we purchase in bulk and check out and warranty.  Usually a company will upgrade their prior equipment.  We purchase it, check it out, fix anything if necessary and then resell it.  The equipment is warranted.  Off lease deals can be found in our on line store.


Used equipment is equipment that is purchased through one of our retail establishments.  We inspect it, rre-install the appropriate operating system, install anti-virus, spyware removal and word-processing software and get all appropriate software updates.  All used equipment has a 30 day warranty from delivery date and extended warranties are available.