Sleeping Tech: Fix it or Replace It?

RonESleeping I get this all the time….”But i can buy a new computer for $200″.  Maybe, maybe not.  When making that decision first thing is NOT to factor in saving your data from the broken computer into the decision.  That is a separate issue.  Second thing is to determine if you are going to have to move to a different operating system, which will mean a new learning curve.  Third thing – will all your current devices – printer, scanner, etc. work with the replacement computer?  Forth – can you transfer that copy of Microsoft Office that only came with one or two re-installations onto a new computer? Also make sure to ask your techie guru what you should do.  Repair or replace isn’t always that cut and dry.


Apparently some farmer in California that had his peaches and nectarines recalled in Trader Joes, Walmart and Cosco stores.  By the way, why would Trader Joe’s have the same fruit that Walmart and Cosco has?  I thought they charged double the price on everything because it was organically special or something like that.



by Ken

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