Sleeping Tech: Speccy – free analysis program


When I’m awake, I’m surprised about how little people know about what’s on their PC. If you want to know things such as how much RAM you have and what hardware and software are installed, there are a number of system information utilities available. One easy to use is a free program from Piriform called Speccy.  It has a clean interface with a large variety of details about what is on your computer. The program is said to work in Windows XP on through Windows 8.1 and has both 32-and 64-bit versions. 


Apparently our so called leaders in the White House and Congress.  All this talk about Immigration Reform.  Don’t we already have Immigration laws on the books?  Just enforce them.  What about all the people that want to enter this country legally?

NOTE: The opinions of sleeping tech are his only (when he is awake we think).

by Ken

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