Bob’s Special Tip – Buying a new notebook

 Me and the guys have a tip for you.   Some things to consider if you are buying a new notebook. Determine what you will be using the laptop computer for. This will help determine needs in terms of performance, size, weight, storage capacity and battery life. Points to consider are:   Will you be using this system anywhere other than your home?  If so then weight of the system and screen size will be a factor to consider. Will you be running several different programs or doing  editing, photos, or videos?  You need computing power. Will you want to watch movies and videos on this system? If so then you may want a dedicated video processor and perhaps a larger screen. If you will be using the laptop in bright rooms or outdoors then consider a non-glare screen. Do you have large number of documents, music and video files that you will want to store on your laptop?  Then opt for a larger hard disk drive.   I DON’T UNDERSTAND: I tried Flintstones vitimans.  I don’t feel any better, but now I can stop my car with my feet.

by Ken

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